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Re: Franco gear

Graydon D. Stuckey <graydon@apollo.gmi.edu> wrote:

           I also inquired about it, and for the 5KCSTQ we're in trouble 
   because the ECU takes a signal from the distributor which is driven off 
   the camshaft.   In order to make the gear work on the 5KCSTQ cars' MC 
   engines, you need an additinal kit for which George charges an additional 
   $250.00.   Now since he is apparently willing to deal o the gear, maybe 
   he'll deal on the kit.   This kit moves the distributor's hall effect 
   sensor up to the camshaft gear driveplate which does not change its 
   phase relative to the crankshaft.

It was my understanding that the distributor hall effect sensor is critical only
for engine starting, after that the timing is taken from the crankshaft and 
adjusted electronically.  Is this for only certain Audi models?  If this is true
then it would seem that adjusting the distributor at idle would be sufficient. 

   Still, for 500 bucks, its a pretty nice modification that will 
   get you a much broader torque band.

What kind of improvement would you conjecture for the normally aspirated NG 

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