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Dimmer Switch

On this subject I can shed some light.  I just replaced my dimmer switch, $29
US from All Euro Auto Supply.  My original fried after I put in a new stereo
and wired it wrong, whoops!  And I had the exact same symptoms, no dash or
console gauge lights.  And the new dimmer solved it.  If you pull the dimmer
out of the panel and read across it with an ohmeter you should be able to see
if it's good or not.  I even opened my old one up to see how they work and
you could certainly see the burnt points on it.  Hope that helps.

Rob Hill
' 86 4KCSQ

>>Try replacing the dimmer switch, it is part of the clock ass'y, (at least
>>in the 86 and 87), having a bad dimmer switch will prevent you from having
>>instrument lights...

>> Subject:	5k electrical oddities (Audi-tease?)
>> Hello all-
>> A new electrical problem has developed on my '88 5kcstqw...
>> - Climate control lights will sometimes come on dimly when outside
>> lights are off and panel aside climate control head unit is smacked.
>> - All gage/climate control lights COME ON NORMALLY IF ENGINE IS OFF.
>> Start engine while outside lights are on and control lights will stay
>> on.  Turn off outside lights while engine running and they will not
>> turn
>> back on with outside lights.
>> Anyone BTDT??  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Regards,
>> -David