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Removing Badges / Emblems

I received quite a few messages in regards to the heat gun method so I 
thought I would post...

I'm not sure which Audi models have the emblems bolted through the body work 
and which use a double stick piece of adhesive (anyone know for sure?). I do 
know that it is more costly for the manufacturer to drill holes and use 
those extra fasteners etc. For instance I'm think Porsche went to adhesive 
on their emblems in the late '70's (post '75 914's had stickers for emblems, 
very easy to remove)! I also know that both my 1987 4000 csq and my 1993 S4 
had the emblems fastened by double stick adhesive.

I'm not sure if you can look behind where the emblems are mounted on the '90 
80q (i.e. removing the carpet and/or trim on the inside of your trunk lid 
and peering in), but I was able to remove the inner trunk liner on my S4 and 
easily see that there were no fasteners. I would assume if you can't even 
see behind there the factory couldn't use a fastener there (catch my 4 wheel 

The heat gun method is pretty slick it just takes a ton of patience and a 
steady hand when it comes time to pull the emblem away from the body (damn 
those emblems get HOT). Slowly apply heat to the entire emblem and you will 
see it start to lift. I some times use a very thin flathead screwdriver 
(just get under one corner of the emblem without touching the paint) to help 
coax the emblem away from the body (obviously you don't use the paint 
surface as a lever point!). Try not to hold the gun in any one spot for too 
long (kind of like blow drying your hair). Also have some wax or similar 
product on hand to help get rid of the residue. I use Meguiars 26, or Swirl 
Remover or Fine cut cleaner. I also, for the most part, use only my finger 
tips and finger nails to get the rest of the adhesive off of the paint. This 
is extremely time consuming and a PITA, but IMHO I think it is worth it both 
from a clean look perspective as well as ease in waxing.

 My 4000 (and my Jeep Grand Cherokee, for that matter) were terribly easy, 
apply heat, lift emblem (ever so gently with finger tips if you can stand 
the heat, or the aforementioned flathead), remove any adhesive that remained 
on the vehicle by rubbing / pulling with your finger tips. The S4, on the 
other hand, left quite a bit of adhesive on the car and I had to 
methodically get it off while making sure not to damage the paint, it took 

Couple things:

Plastic emblems are usually toast after this procedure. They either melt or 
break. Metal emblems while more durable also conduct heat very well 
(especially back into your finger tips).

Also be careful when prying or pulling one corner of the emblem away from 
the body as the opposite corner / side of the emblem can touch the paint. 
Try to pull the entire emblem squarely away from the body!

                    Good Luck,
                    Frank Amoroso
                    '93 S4 sans emblems
                    '87 4000 csq no emblems
                    Countless others that have been stripped of their 

To: famoroso
Subject: Badges
Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 9:53PM

>Also on the Badges thread, every car I've owned has received the heat gun


I missed that thread, so I am sorry if I'm asking a question that was in it.
Are all Audi badges adhered that way? I want to remove all of them from the
trunk lid on my '90 80q, but have been told that there are holes underneath.
Has that not been your experience?