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Re: Removing Badges / Emblems

Frank Amoroso <famoroso@svbank.com> wrote:

>I'm not sure which Audi models have the emblems bolted through the body work
>and which use a double stick piece of adhesive (anyone know for sure?).

For sure... no, but as close as could be. Ever since the late 'seventies,
Audi badges have been glued on. VW have started doing the same recently,
somewhere in the late '80s, early '90s.

>I'm not sure if you can look behind where the emblems are mounted on the '90

No need for that. They're glued on. BTDT with my '88 80.

>The heat gun method is pretty slick it just takes a ton of patience and a
>steady hand when it comes time to pull the emblem away from the body (damn
>those emblems get HOT). Slowly apply heat to the entire emblem and you will
>see it start to lift.

Alternative method: use a hair dryer, saves the emblems but takes a little
more time. My method for taking the emblems off without scratching the
paint: use the nylon bands used to tie down boxes on pallets, hold it in
both hands and pull it along under the emblem. Easily obtained from most
shops that get their supplies shipped in on pallets, it's thin so it slides
under the badge without much trying. Alternatively (a little harder to use)
you can try nylon fishing line. It does help to have a 'third hand' to hold
the hair dryer in this method. The previous owner of my car had used a
screwdriver, not gotten the badges off but did manage to mark the paint.

Good luck!

1988 80 1.8S (only the rings remaining on front and rear)

 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

    Time is the best teacher.  Unfortunately, it kills all its pupils.
                                        -- Hector-Louis Berlioz