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URQ rear tie rod-Help!

I have spent the last week redoing the suspension of my car, with help from 
friends and inspiration from the list and the archives (Lawson piece-nice). I am 
now hung up by one last problem. The thread of the left rear tie rod is 
stripped. I had to cut the nut off and remove the whole thing from the car. I 
need the car by Monday(!) to go to work. Any ideas on how to obtain one (the 
straight kind, no rear sway bar suspension) or how to hold the tie rod end from 
swivelling, so I can try to run a die over it? It seems to be a 10x1.25 thread, 
which is different than the other side (and the nut that came off it!) which is 
10x1.50 thread. Of course I thank you all in advance for your thoughts on this 

Rob Greene