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Re: Air conditioned intercooler? and mouse update (?)

At 10:56 AM -0600 on 11/15/97, Mike Arman wrote:

> >Now this is what I'd call an air conditioned intercooler!
> >
> >Bruce
> Did a little research on gas refrigerators: The gas flame heats a mixture
> of ammonia, which vaporizes and has heat exchange characteristics similar
> to freon (or actually the reverse, ammonia was here first).
> Not a lot of BTU's required. The gas flame is small, and you could get ALL
> the heat you needed and then some by wrapping a copper coil a few turns
> around the exhaust pipe.

> If I remember correcly, you don't even need a compressor - just a small
> pump to sort of move things along. No high pressures, no compressor
> cycling, etc.
Bzzt...no compressor needed.  We use one of these up in upstate NY when we
vacation.  No electricity or phone.  Just gas for lighting, hot water, and
the refridgerator.

The problem with this is that it doesn't move very much energy. At all.  It
takes our gas fridge about 6-7 hours to get cold.

Why not this...submerge the IC in water.  Same with the A/C unit in the
passenger compartment.  Use a pump to move water between the two.  Set up a
relay so that A/C clutch only comes on when you're not under boost(or, say,
when pressure is below .4)  Water provides a buffer; A/C doesn't have to be
running during your run on the track.  Self-recharging "ice water."  Water
surrounding IC has much higher heat density(1000x more than air I think?)
IC could be moved since it wouldn't need the air coming from the front
grill.  Better engine cooling since the I/C isn't blocking the flow from
the front grill.  Everyone's happy.

The A/C unit certainly has the capability to do so...it can move _lots_ of
BTU's(have to!  All that nice transfer between your car and the wind at
60mph, not to mention sunlight...

Only problem?  Hot days would be miserable inside the car...

I guess one could simplify by sticking the output from the turbo into the
fresh air inlet, blocking all the vents except for one, and sticking the
output from that vent into the throttle manifold :)


Brett Dikeman
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