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Fuel pump whine - contributing factor

All of us with whining fuel pumps (and that sounds like ALL of us lately):

Changed the large fuel filter in engine bay (86 5 Ks) - the big one, costs
about $15 +/- at Discount Auto Parts, etc.

Just out of curiousity, I blew through the old filter in the direction of
flow. Ugh! Push hard! Blew through the new one - easy puff!

Differences: Fuel pump whine is GONE!!!! Hestitation at 4,000+ RPM is GONE!!!!

Conclusion - old, clogged, cruddy fuel filter makes pump work harder to
maintain fuel pressure, and it complains by whining, AND restricted flow
through filter resulted in running out of gas at sustained high RPMs.

Probably won't cure 'em all, but it's a darn sight cheaper and easier than
changing the pump!

Manufacturer is same on old and new filter. 10 minutes work.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman