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Leaking Clutch Master-BTDT

Hello to the list from a Quattro Newbie. 1986 5kcstq.

Just rebuilt my clutch MC yesterday so the pain of my efforts is still
fresh in my mind as are the scrapes on my hands. You have to be a
contortionist (sp?) to get to this thing. I would caution anyone whose
clutch master cylinder is starting to weep fluid to do this right away.
I had a TOTAL FAILURE about 15 miles from home and it's NO fun driving
in traffic with no clutch at all.

First thing I did was to open the bleeder valve on the Slave to drain
the fluid from the clutch system. Remove the shelf and the cover under
the steering wheel also remove the heater vent that you will see there.
Put some paper or cloth towel around the bottom of the MC to catch the
last few drops of fluid. Then loosen the high pressure fitting (12mm).
The MC is held to the pedal assembly frame with a couple of  Allen Head
bolts. I found that to get to the one closest to the low pressure
connection you have to saw off (shorten the short side) the Allen Key so
that it will fit between the head of the bolt and the low pressure
connection. Once these 2 bolts are removed you have to stand on your
head and contort your body to reach the clevis pin that connects the MC
to the clutch pedal. This is "A BITCH" to get to, in hindsight, you may
want to consider removing the driver's seat from the car to gain better

Upon inspection I chose to rebuild my MC with a kit from a local
supplier ( Wagner F108157) that cost US$18.25. Their quote on a new MC
was about US$120.00. http://www.audiquattroparts.com/ was cheaper but
mail order was not an option as the car was dead.

Put it all back, bleed the system and your "back in the saddle again"