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FS: Boston Globe: '91 V8 5-spd - Detailed Opinion

At 11:53 AM 11/15/97 UT, you wrote:
>Audi Quattro, $12,600
>AUDI, 91, V8 Quattro, 5sp, lth, snrf, all pwr opts. Only 46Kmi, service 
>records. $12,600. (508) 369-5402
>I have no interest in this vehicle, all disclaimers, just looks like a decent 
>Sean Ford
>'92 100CS 5-spd 30k
        In case this helps anyone:

        I looked at this car today for my brother who is hunting for a V8.
I e-mailed him the following:


        This car wasn't quite clean enough to buy.  Low miles, but the car
had been USED.  Just enough things wrong to make you wonder if it had seend
the level of care these beasts really need (gapping window seals, loose rear
window from bulging gasket(!), threadbare floormats with holes despite 46k
miles, botched mast-antenna installation, missing owner's manual, totally
amatuer-hour speaker installation, etc.).  I went over it for 20 minutes or
so before driving it, with the engine running the whole time.  Idled well
and no unusualy sounds, hesitation on cold start, etc.  After I parked it I
smelled oil and with a flash light found the front torsen differential
coated in engine oil and dirt a good 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick all around - a
leaking rear engine or transmission seal.  Never a good thing.  Brake pedal
was HARD and fluid looked factory-original (Eck!).

        If I REALLY wanted a 5 speed and had the time and tools to put this
back together, it could be great - but it needed major surgery on the front
suspension, which was so loose it was funny.  Paint was actually OK and
could be compounded to a very nice condition; there was no sign of a
re-spray anywhere.  Seemed the car was garaged most of its life and only saw
the elements recently.  Seemed that what miles it did have came from LOTS of
short trips - I mean compared to mine (78k) this thing looked like it had
220k on it - I am not exaggerating.  But the engine was strong; this and
some other details led me to believe it really had 46k on it.  All in all,
not something either of us really wants to get into right now given the
logistics.  For you, I would have recommended a 200tq (all of which came
with 5 speeds) over this for about the same money.  Also, it did have the
UFO brakes, not the replacement kit as the guy said.  He was flipping it
from a dealer trade-in, so it's a one-owner car, but he's not the owner - he
didn't really understand the brake issue as he's not an "Audi" guy and an
Audi salesman mis-informed him.  This is very credible as I discoverd last
week the Manhattan dealership has an Audi salesman who has never seen a V8.


        Other comments:

        Car is owned by a "private dealer" who picked it up from a local
dealership who took it from the original owners' in trade.  Original alloys
and stereo cassette (with broken pre-sets as per usual).  It appears to be a
very early '91 production, Vin xxxx001004.  From docs available, looked like
delivery 12/90.  It has dreaded "barcolounger" seats - not Recaro-style like
some '91 V8s and all '90s as I am told.  I thought this was odd as other 5
speeds I have seen and mine have had recaro-style seats whether early or
late production.  Very few service records available, and none of any
importance, actually, except one documenting a dash/computer replacement
1/94 with 32k on the car and one month out of warranty (thus 12/90 delivery)
- therefore odo reads "14k" - 32+14=46).  

        Given what 5 speeds trade for, though, somebody with knowledge,
garage space, tools, and time could get a diamond in the rough and put this
back in top shape for a reasonable sum.  In the last 18 months I have seen 5
speeds that were all VERY clean at $21k, $23k, $19k, $22.5k, and (gulp)
$26.5k.  The first three were trades and the last two "asks," so I don't
know what they finally went for.  Thus, my rationalization that you've got
room to put a few dollar into it if you really want. 

        Alright, my 2 cents for my 500 mile round trip drive.  If anyone is
really interested in this and wants more info please e-mail me and I'll be
glad to cough up more details.  The owner/dealer said he was getting lots of
calls so I don't think it will stay around long.

        Hope this helps somebody, because if a q-lister doesn't buy it and
take care of  it, it's gonna be driven into the ground and then there's one
fewer out there.

        Bryan Kamerer