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RE: bilstein issues

>Well, www.bilstein.de lists the *same* "sport" shocks (P36-0370 front,
>rear) for pretty much all large quattros ever (100/200/V8/S4/S6 + avants, 
>84-up). Maybe some suspension mounting points and whatnot changed, but the 
>style of shock stayed the same, Audi found a good thing and stuck with it? 
>Possibility number one. Possibility number two: Bilstein is, shall we say, 
>Henry Harper

        Checking out the European Bilstein web site (choose "UK English" or
"Deutsch", not "US English") gives you a full application chart.  If you
choose US you get much less info!  The exciting thing is this chart also
gives "Sprint" applications for those cars Henry mentions above

        Front:  P36-0369        Rear:   B46-2066

        Again, like Henry says, this is the same for almost all big
quattros!  Very exciting to know this from my perspective.  Has anybody put
these sprint applications on a 200tq 20v or V8?  My concern would be any
resultant reverse-raking with stock springs, which I have been sternly
warned against on these cars.

        Bryan Kamerer
        V8 5 spd.