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RE: bilstein issues

Scott said:
> ------------------------------
> Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:22:07 -0800
> From: "Scott M." <scottmo@teleport.com>
> Subject: Shocks for '91 200TQ 20V
> Henry,
> I recently helped a local list member install some new
> shocks in his 91 200TQ, he wanted to replace the OEM gas
> shocks (Boge/Sachs?) with a similar type shock.  I called
> Boge and they indicated the Boge Turbo Gas shocks were not
> available for the '91 200TQ 20V. I checked my parts fiche
> for the '90 V8 and '91 200TQ and found they list the same
> shocks front and rear for both cars. To double check this,
> I called my local Audi dealer and asked for a quote on a
> set of shocks for  a '91 200TQ and another quote for a '90
> V8.
> Hmmm.....the Audi parts guy said, "they use the same
> shocks".
> My friend ordered the Boge Turbo Gas shocks for the '90 V8
> from RD enterprises and they fit fine.
> Does Bilstein have a gas shock listed for the V8?
> Scott M.
Then Linus said:
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> Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 23:55:25 -0800
> From: Linus Toy <linust@mindspring.com>
> Subject: 91 200q Bilstein #s (was: bye bye sucky lights)
> I haven't seen Bilstein's web site...
> I did talk to Bilstein America a couple years ago...they referred me to
> Ivor at TAP.  According to whomoever I spoke with there, the part numbers
> they suggested were P36-0370 front, B46-2065 rear.  I checked back with
> Bilstein:  the P36-0370 is for the front of a '84-'87 5000 or 5000 turbo
> (didn't say if quattro or not) and the B46-2065 is a european # for the
> 100q (i would assume similar era).  They also said since these would be
> used in a car not spec'd in their books, the normal Bilstein warranty would
> not apply, even if it did fit.
> FWIW, there's a similar situation with the Koni shocks.  The fronts there
> are #86-2149, the rears #80-2630.  These are standard red Konis.  No yellow
> sport Konis are spec'd for the '91 200q.  For the V8, the Koni catalog
> specs the yellow sports:  86-2149SP front, 80-2630SP rear.  More
> interesting is that Koni's european web site shows these as sport
> alternatives for the 20v turbo typ 44 cars :)
> HTH--
> Linus
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Well, www.bilstein.de lists the *same* "sport" shocks (P36-0370 front, B46-2065 
rear) for pretty much all large quattros ever (100/200/V8/S4/S6 + avants, 
84-up). Maybe some suspension mounting points and whatnot changed, but the 
style of shock stayed the same, Audi found a good thing and stuck with it? 
Possibility number one. Possibility number two: Bilstein is, shall we say, 

Off on a tangent, BofD lists the alternatives "sport" and "sprint" in the Audi 
section, while the VW section has "sport", "rallye", "rennen", and "sprint" 
listed for A2 Golfs (like my GTI). Back on another BofD page, the categories 
are listed as sprint=for lowering springs, hd/sport=not especially for lowering 
springs, off-road=for baja-racing trucks. When I got the Bilsteins for my GTI, 
I was offered the choices of "HD" or "sport" - with some discussion going on in 
the VW newsgroup over whether or not the single difference between them was 
stroke length setup (not valving), i.e. sport=for lowering springs, HD=not. I 
got the sports (based on my belief in the other viewpoint, that they were 
differently valved) despite my non-replacement of the stock springs, and have 
not noticed anything funny going on in the shock department. Maybe I get less 
wheel travel extension when I catch big air? :) Anyone else confused about the 
marketing-lingo translation from the Continent to the YewEssAyy?

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, ISO generic quattro Bilsteins (does that mean common = 
1988 GTI 16v, yet another comparison