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Re: Leaking clutch m/c

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Phil Payne wrote:

> Heh, heh.  I know you're reasonably competent mechanically - shall we say ten 
> hours?
> I'll try and find the time to write a checklist this week, and let you know the
> parts you'll need.  The steering column has to come out, the brake actuating 
> mechanism has to be dismantled, and the pedal frame has to be detached and 
> swung down.  This is a non-trivial job.
The cylinder went on my 2ltr Coupe, before I got the Quattro, and it
looks the same set up on both cars to me. (but I have not looked too
closely to be honest), but if the set up is the same, one of my mechanical
fitter friends did mine in under 3 hours.
Maybe I should tell him to advertise :-)

Michael Burton
Project Manager, Demon Internet