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Clutch MC replacement

I use a simpler technique to get the MC out without having to deal with
the clevis pin.  After the MC allen bolts are removed, lower the clutch
pedal to the floor, which brings the bottom of the clevis pin into
view.  Now you can reach the lock nut that secures the actuating rod to
the clevis pin. Loosen this nut (10mm) just enough to allow the threaded
actuating rod to turn by hand. Then pull the rubber boot away from the
top of the MC, and use your fingers to unscrew the actuating rod from
the clevis pin.  When you get it out tape the lock nut into place so
you'll know how far to screw the actuating rod back in after you are
finished.  When putting it back in, just screw it back in till the lock
nut contacts the clevis pin, then tighten. HTH, 

 Best, Joel