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In message <40.33618.700@channel1.com> cobram@Channel1.Com (Cobram) writes:

>      I've never seen this mentioned in any of the literature, you're
>      confusing the timing belt with the drive or accesory belt. (fan
>      belt in the ole days). In the official Audi Sevice training
>      manual for the V8 it mentions the Accesory Belt: "Under normal
>      operating conditions, the belt does not need to be changed for
>      the entire service life of the engine."

Having checked.  Roger Galvin's car was owned and operated by Audi UK for the 
first three years of its life.  Audi's computer-based service records show the 
sale from Audi's fleet inventory to a dealer in Norwich.  This dealer stamped 
the service book twice - once on taking delivery, and once on selling the car 
some two and a half months later.  The first of these two stamps says: "Timing 
belt changed" - the second says: "Service".  I called the garage (the incident 
was in 1994) and the service manager said that Audi now recommended a change at 
60k.  They screwed up their work, BTW, and trapped the seal on the right bank 
of the engine - allowing three years' worth of muck to get in.  Roger and I 
plan surgery as soon as my garage roof is complete.

>      There is NO mention of the life expectancy of the toothed
>      timing belt, and the 90K replacement interval is listed on
>      the maintenance schedule as far back as 1989. They probably
>      changed the interval to 60K when they had a few snap
>      "prematurely".  

There's a good discussion of both belts in: "Design and Development of the New 
Audi 3.6 litre, 32 valve V8 Engine" presented at the ICE in February 1990.  It 
states the design life of the toothed belt as being that of the engine, and the 
V-grooved belt as lasting 250,000 km.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club