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hot start MB problem

In message <971118140909_-423697770@mrin43.mail.aol.com> C1J1Miller@aol.com writes:

> Another data point, Phil, out of the archives (I ran across it while looking
> for something else...)

> An Audi dealer cut a hole in the middle of my injector fan vent
> because seemingly they were modified in 1986 as they were
> only trapping hot air around the injector instead of cooling them
> down.  So if you don't have a hole in your blower - then perhaps
> you should make one or buy a modified part.

Yes.  My own duct has the hole formed in the moulding - early WRs
tend to have a drilled hole about 1" in diameter.  Because this hole
is almost always in _exactly_ the same place, I suspect Audi must have
published a pretty good description of the change - perhaps even a
paper template.

If you run the car up to heat when driving, and then stop with the fan
disconnected, there's a hot spot on the bonnet.  This is where hot air
rising off the turbo itself comes past the end of the inlet manifold and
gets trapped up against the underside of the bonnet.  The hole in the
duct directs quite a bit of air straight along the fuel lines - before
the modification air was only routed onto the injectors themselves.

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