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The Al2 concept car

The November issue of Automotive Engineering carries a
write up of Audi's new small, now trademark Bug-roof line,
aluminum frame concept car. It extends the aluminum extrusion
technology of the A8 to make it more economical for mass
production.  According to Audi's general manager of body
engineering, Dr. Ing. Winfried Bergert, the company will
"abandon steel monocoques step-by-step over the next
decade or so."

The cute little thing uses an equally cute 3-cylinder 1.2L,
5 valve per cylinder, 56 kW motor. The whole shebang
weighs only about 1,780 lb.  This smacks of an Audi
"Geo Metro" and is a trend (A3 > A2?) that I don't find very

DeWitt Harrison    de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq (All 3,400 lbs of it. OK, so it could be a little lighter.)