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[Fwd: "Outside Temp" adjustable?]

frankbauer@thevine.net wrote:

> sarge sez:
> > Upon installing a new sensor
> >(just remove the grill and plug in a new one) all was well again.
> or you could more easily remove the upper rad shroud and do it from
> there.  also, sometimes the sensor mounting bracket (POS plastic) breaks
> and the sensor is touching something warmer than ambient temps...

That's why I recommended removing the grill. That POS plastic breaks easily
and mine (mounted on the cross-bar behind the grill) was most easily
accessed w/o the grill in place. I broke my plastic piece anyway. :-(  So
the sensor is hanging in there with a zip-tie, the universal fastner
(second only to duct tape).

> frank
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