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Re: cheese spray

It is a fact, as stated by his highness Corky Bell that
the heat transfer coeeficient of water to aluminum
is fourteen times that of water and air.  Mounting an air 
to water intercooler still leaves you with a water/AL/air
interface at the water cooler, with that shitty C_ht.  
Now if you add a spray bar (I'll take mine as nitrious powered, 
port flavoured cheese sprayer please) What have you got for your
heat coefficient?  My experience says it is pretty dammed good!

Apples or maybe oranges with that cheese?  

My comments were somewhat tougue in cheek, knowing that we have 
a little problem on this list discerning what is for race and what 
is for street.  Some people even go so far as to DELIBERATELY
blur the distinctions, so that they can SELL MORE STUFF to people
who dont know any better. 

Almost everyone on this list is driving street cars NOT race cars. 
That is fine and good.  But race car technology such as
water injection IS finding it's way into production vehicles as 
specific power output, efficiency, and emmisions become more critical.
Saab intends to use water injection in the near future.

I know it is difficult to fit a race sized intercooler into many of 
our cars, especially if it is a simple air to air intercooler.
the remote mounting of a seperate cooling radiator allows both
the requirements of low intake tract length and optimum IC placement
to be met simultaneously.  It also decouples the core design
issues for the two ends, adding even more flexibility.

If I was unlucky enough to live in swampy areas along the old
muddy I might not have this option of using a spray bar effectively.
I live in a semi-arid climate.  Sincere regrets to those geographically 

paul timmerman