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Newbie's 1st Post: '86 5kcstq Problems

Well, I've replied to a couple of posts, but mostly just been
lurkin' until now...

I bought a 1986 5kcstq about 6 weeks ago. It worst problem is with 
the rear differential. It sounded like the left rear wheel bearing,
but the local dealer (Bluegrass Motorsports of Louisville, KY)
localized it in the diff.

What's a used rear diff go for? There are none in my favorite local
yard. Why doesn't the Bentley manual show and describe the repair
of the rear diff (beyond the seals and the input shaft bearing)?
It it top secret, or is it just a numbnut differential, just fix
it like any?

I've rebuilt an engine before, so I should be able to handle the
repair if there's nothing special to it.

As far as special tools go, do I need more than a bearing separator
and puller (and a seal pulling tool)?

For bandwidth's sake, I'll post my other problem separately.

-Douglas Hurst Quebbeman (dougq@iglou.com)   [call me 'Doug']
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