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Re: center-vent heating (via bi-level)

>Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 08:51:09 +0200
>From: Gerard <gerard@poboxes.com>
>Subject: Re: center-vent heating (via bi-level)
>> >It's a feature, not a bug.
>All bugs, if left long enough, will become features.
>> I don't know about the 4kq systems, but the manual for my 100 and 200 says
>> the "bi-level" setting on the Climate Control panel will direct heated air
>> through the center vents as well as to the floor. It seems to affect things
>> in that sense, but even so, I've haven't yet gotten what I'd call a really
>> satisfying blast of warm air from the center vents even with "bi-level"
>> mode. Maybe "bi-level" is only intended to mix in a smidgeon of warm air
>> for those vents.
>When I run bi-level I get warm air out of the vents on the top of
>the dash, barely anything out of the centre vents and  I can't seem
>to feel anything anywhere else, but I'd have to check. As far as I
>can remember the bi-level setting runs the defroster on the windscreen
>while keeping cooling in  the normal vents. Is this right?

Although I posted that info about bi-lev operation in 100/200 models, I
have to admit that a 150 mile run yesterday in my '91 200 showed me that
(its) bi-lev mode fails to put out anything but cool air from the center
vents-- cool, although not nearly as cold as outside (30F) air. I couldn't
distinguish the vent's air temp in bi-lev from what I was coming in on
"econ" mode. As I recall the manual, "bi-lev" mode is supposed to supply
_less_ heat to the defroster vents and more to the center ones. Vast
majority of the heat comes from the floor vents. Conclusion: either our
cars are (a) malfunctioning (flap-wise) or (b) the owner's manual is
misleading, or (c) I'm misinterpreting the manual. All three have been
known to happen at one time or another.

Anyway, who really needs heat out of those center vents? If your hands are
cold, just stick 'em out the window and warm them against the heated
sideview mirror. :-)


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