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On a further note from my last post, I"m still backing all the good
technicians out there, but as far as ASE is concerned, I still feel that
when it comes to Audis and VW's, or basically anything 'Bosch' related, ASE
is not the way to go. I've spent more than 40 hours learning Bosch systems,
and from what I gathered, very little of what ASE teaches you can relate to
it. ASE is great for the general 'fix em all' mechanics, but when it comes
to Audis, look for a BSC (bosch service center) center, or at the very
least, as BAPS (Bosch Auto parts service). These people have access to the
latest Bosch info and tech lines and are more likely to be able to diagnose
a problem quicker than an ASE certified technician. Nothing against ASE, as
I have to become emission certified by ASE to run the test we are going to
get in a year. 
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