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>From: waves@epix.net

>Your Fox, running at those numbers must be running 
>quite lean. To be running .06 on CO when the factory 
>suggest .75 (at the test port) is def. a little off. 
>You might loose half that after the cat, but .06 is real low.

please explain...I am holding in my hand the recent Vehicle Emission Test
Report for our '89 Honda Accord SEi (still for sale--anyone?)  This is
Honda's 2.0L 4-banger with PGM FI system.  Car is absolutely stock, 90k
miles.  At idle (760 rpm) it put out 0.02% CO.  Loaded cruise (on rollers),
it still put out 0.02% CO.  In both cases, CO limit is 1.20%.  HC emissions
were 7ppm idle, 2ppm cruise (220ppm limit).  As I recall, this car (as have
a few others we have had for some time) regularly tests this low on CO.
Yes, a low CO indicates complete combustion--but does that necessarily mean
too lean? 

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