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Re: 4kq 4000rpm cutout


This happened in 84 coupe and was the O2 sensor.  Cutting in and out
associated with a hurky jerky kind sometimes.


At 05:46 PM 11/19/97 -0500, Dan Simoes wrote:
>Anyone remember off the top of their head what the problem
>is here?  I get some hesitation/power loss/sputtering
>at about 4k rpm in 3rd and 4th gear, sometimes better,
>sometimes worse.  My fuel pump relay also died today (in
>the middle of an intersection!) and it is being replaced with
>a wire at the moment, so that was not the problem.
>I seem to remember hearing about this problem a while back.
>Anyone remember specifics?
>(no time to search today, shame on me!)
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