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nice car for someone

But not me.
90 coupeq, late build (has airbag).
black/black, nice in and out.
scorpion exhaust
k&n cone, likely has chip too
bbs pinifarina rims with decent rubber
eibach springs with VERY stiff shocks (the thing barely moves
when you press down on it)
front and rear stress bars (might be custom made)
weird "box" built into trunk (contraband?)
1 owner, qclub member (no idea who he is) - CT car
dealer serviced
nakamichi stereo, possibly with changer and very expensive
builtin radar/laser detector, likely a K40 unit
Asking price is 8900.

Why didn't I buy it?  It has 143k on it.  But if you want to build
an S2, you could do a lot worse...  Looks like it has spent a lot
of track time, which could be good or bad.
I didn't drive it, but I can if you want me to.
Car is near Greenwich CT.

There is also a pearl white coupeq, same year, which wasin 
the Sunday NY Times.  Car only has 77k, new clutch, but the 
outside is pretty rough (scratches, dings, 1 dent, paint cracked
below taillights - might have been hit?)  Was a Florida car, interior
looks decent.  Asking is 9995.

Oh, I have VINs for both if interested.

| Dan |
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