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84 4kq officially for sale

I'm close to deciding on another car, and so the 84 4kq
is officially for sale.  I hope to have pictures and a specs
page up soon, but feel free to send email and ask questions
in the meantime.

If you want a 4kq, if you like the look of the 84 cars, if you
want a car to autocross, pro rally (maybe that's a stretch)
or a solid, winter beater/ski car, look no further.
Price is open to negotiation - I have well over 5k
in this car though, that's just in the last 2-3 years!

Color is red, miles at 150k on the clock, about 100k on the
engine (1986), no a/c, but runs fine, suspension/brakes/electricals
all perfect, tracks like a go-kart.  Euro lights, nice stereo,
CB, near-perfect interior, and so on.  I will probably keep
the MSW rims I use now and reinstall the stock Ronals with decent
BFG Comp TAs.

Snows for sale:
I also have a set of 5000s rims which have a mounted set of 
Pirelli Winter S2s.  These tires have about 1 more season on 
them.  I have another set for the blue 85 4kq, so make an
offer on these if you want them.

I'll probably advertise the 4kq in the local Pennysaver tomorrow
and ask $3000 or best offer.  High for a 1984, yes, but the car
has been totally redone.    No reasonable offer refused though.

| Dan |
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