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Re: S4 / 100 shift boot removal?

Frank Amoroso wrote:
> Can anyone share with me the procedure for removing the shift boot from my
> 1993 S4? I would like to put a Momo knob on and I want to modify the boot to
> allow the knob to sit in a lower position.

I'm fairly sure the 100/S4/S6 interior was put together the same way
as the interior for the 90 of the same vintage. YMMV, though...

There is a slightly trapazoidal-shaped cover to the rear of the
shifter, directly in front of the hand brake handle, when it's in the
released position.

You'll want to engage the hand brake to get the handle out of the way,
and then gently pry this over off. Underneath you'll see a 7mm bolt
in the center; you don't need to loosen this--it holds the console

Right at the top of the space beneath the cover you removed is a
thin slot. If you crane your head around to see (with a light)
there is a cylinder molded into this slot, just off center to the
right. There's a smallish phillips-head screw that goes horizontally
into this cylinder: it holds the rear edge of the shifter boot in.

Take the screw out and lift the rear of the shifter boot from the
bottom, and pull rearwards to unslot the front edge. 

Reassembly is the reverse.

1993 90CS