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depressed and kicking myself...

Thanks a million to all of you who helped, but well, it was not to be.  The
1990 urquattro (20V) in ever-so-immaculate condition slipped through my
fingers.  Timo Salonen called me yesterday and told me that they had an
offer of 180 000 FIM for the car.  At the time he said he'd let me have it
for 170 000 FIM as he thought that I could give the car the home it
deserves.  I, being a dealer myself, thought he was toying with me and
remained snug at my offer of 160 000 FIM.  This afternoon he called and
said that the other person who had made the offer of 180 000, had coughed
up the money, and to add insult to injury, the other guy is (also) a car
dealer (although used such) and lo and behold, he will try and sell it for
200 000 FIM now.  Piss on it, I think I'll start tinkering a little more
with the humble, to-the-masses, A4 1.8T quattro.  I made the call to the
Abt people already..

I was so depressed today that even the arrival of the
amazing-for-an-oil-burner 2.5 V6 TDI engined A6 did not cheer me up.  Now
I'm left with four choices:

1.	pay some ridiculous price to get my piece of unobtanium (only one in

2.	buy another, older urquattro, probably with a zillion owners and at
least as many modifications (there may be approx. 20 urq's in the country)

3.	get my A4 to kick some serious ass with $$$$$

4.	wait for spring, enjoy my Carrera, wait for fall, enjoy the upcoming TT

What a bummer!!!

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland
sat in the garage for 30 minutes sniffing 911 air - didn't relieve the