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Hey, all, here's one for the collective wit and wisdom:

Let's say I win the lottery, and decide my CQ really needs to be an RS2,
and make it so. How do I insure it, or even can I? More mundane point,
let's just say, for the sake of argument here, that the headlights suck
enough that I replace them with some expensive You're-a-pee'in ones. So
far, so good. Now, some chump drives into the front of my car, and ruins
those expensive, non-USA OEM lights. How do I go about getting them
replaced without having to cough up the difference between the stellar
USA OEM flashlights the insurance adjuster is willing to pay for and the
expensive ones I'll settle for? There are lots of simple examples that
fit here, like aftermarket wheels, or aftermarket anything, for that

I have neither hit the lottery (you gotta play to win, and I can do math
well enough to realize I'm more likely to end up with zillions by
working hard), nor has some chump done front bodywork on my CQ. I would
like to be able to sleep nights dreaming about the RS2 scenario without
waking up screaming when I picture myself doing some unplanned guardrail

Any ideas? Ooo, bad question, given this audience. More appropriate,
what experience does anyone have? TIA.

-Ian Duff.