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From: 	owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of Phil Payne
>This is a list I developed for Roger Galvin in his search for an MB:

>  Check stolen car and finance registers.
>  Check timing belt (documentation or inspection)
>  Do compression test
>  Detach and check inside turbo --> intercooler hose
>  Check all warning lights show when ignition switched on
>  Check they all go off when engine started

>  Check for rust spots under boot hinges
>  Check oil cooler lines
>  Test drive with boost gauge attached
>  Dipstick stumble test
>  Pull ECU codes

>  Check bushes
>  Check propellor shaft universal joint
>  Check CV boots
>  Check front and rear tracking
>  Check tyres
>  Check brakes (carrier bolt click)
>  Check clutch master cylinder
>  Check fuel pump mountings

And there I was wondering how come Roger couldnt find a MB....

Lets face it - out of the 900 or so Urq's left intact in the UK there arent 
many that could pass this list (there are a few notable exceptions).
My own MB would certainly fail the boot hinge rust spots, the tyres (two good 
Pirelli's on the front, a Firestone and a Falken on the back both of which 
appear to be indestructable, I'm waiting til they wear out before I replace 
them) and the clutch master cylinder (but by tommorow night that will be ok). 
Possible fails are the tracking, the prop shaft and the fuel pump.
Add to this the body damage behind the bumpers, the rusty boot floor and the 
very tired cloth interior and it would defintly fail.
OTOH, it was by far the best that I looked at in over 18 months searching. 

I've got two points to add to the list though.
 Check action of handbrake levers on rear calipers
 Check brake bias valve for leaks

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro