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Re: Narcoleptic coolant temp gauge

Andrew Duane USG/PE <duane@zk3.dec.com> replies:

<< The infamous multi-function sensor. BTDT, twice, once on each car.
It's on the upper coolant hose inlet to the head, has 3 or 4 pins.
Pull the boot to check the contact first, sometimes it's just loose
or corroded. If not, replace it. About $50, 2 minutes work. >>

Is this the same sensor that the A/C computer uses?  I've got a case
where the A/C will intermittently see that the engine overtemp sensor
goes off, and I know the engine isn't that hot.  This appears to be an
on/off sensor, not a transducer.  If this is not the multi-sensor, then
does anyone know where it is?