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re: Hi and Thanks!

Peter Sward USG <sward@zk3.dec.com> sez:

<< I have owned my previous Quattro since it was new and it has been an
excellent car. Now, 200K miles later I decided that it was time for a
and started looking for another . I, in my innocence believed that for
around $25K I would be able to get an Audi A6 Quattro! Well, looking at
Edmunds, that should be possible, right? Starting to look at the
around Boston, MA it turns out that one, this is the wrong time of the
for buying Quattro and two, they are priced way up there.
One dealership had no manuals, another one (come on down, we have lot's
them!) had one 94 100 Quattro with 37K miles on it for $25K and he
want to deal at all.. >>

I bought my '93 100CSQ automatic almost 2 years ago for $18.5K.  It had
66K miles on it.  I now realize that I timed that one just right!  At
the time, Audi wasn't on anyone's radar screen.  Now due to the A4,
Audi's are becoming very popular.  Even prices for 4KQ's have gone up in
this area (SF bay area).  A good family friend liked our car so much,
she wanted to buy one just like it.  I helped her locate one.  The best
deal I could find was another '93CSQ (without phone and CD player, which
mine has), 55K miles, $20K!  This was last summer.  She should have gone
with the '95 A6Q that Steve Krenzen (www.krenzencars.com) had for
$22.5K.  She initially didn't want to spend that much, but realized she
had better get something before prices continue to climb.

<< Started to look at the Boston Globe and this 91 Quattro V8 5 speed
my eye and I went and had a look at it. This car has been written up
extensively at the beginning of last week...
Monday the sales person calls me and want me to make an offer. I say
She calls me back later and says 22 and I say NO. The Manager calls me
and talks me up to 21,750 and I tell him that I would think about it. I
think about it and decide that I can do something else with 10 Grand and
the 91 V8 Quattro instead... >>

The '90 and '91 V8Q's strike me as being a tremendous bargain.  I'm not
sure why.  Maybe people don't know what they are.   Maybe people are
scared off by their exotic car quality.  Someone in this area was
selling a '92 V8Q with around 50K miles for around $21K.  This isn't
much more than a '92 100CSQ!  I thought about it, but I'm saving up for
an A4Q.

Damn the A4!  It's causing the resale value of Audi's to go way up,
making them more expensive to buy used!  I only say that in jest as
Audi's resale value should be better than it has been...

'88 90Q, '93 100CSQa

Steve Valin		sjv@netapp.com         408.367.3566