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Re: AUDI 100LS Turbo!

audistuff@juno.com (Paul R Anderson) sez:

> Speeking of which, I have a couple of 72 Audi 100LSs.  One a 2 dr.

Paul,  is your 2 dr one of the rare 100 coupes?  These were supposedly
not imported to the US.  I didn't even know they existed until recently.

> Other a 4 dr.  Some great features!  Inboard front disc brakes (What a
> PIA!!).  Torsion beam rear suspension!  I'm willing to part with them
> for very little.  I know, I know.  It's worthless junk.  But if anyone
> needs
> something.  I may have it.
> By the way, isn't this the same engine as the 924 except they
> put and OHC head on the 924?  If so, it would be an easy bolt-in.

I've been reading thru mid-'70's Road and Tracks that I was just given. 
I came across a tidbit I thought was interesting:  The Audi 100LS engine
was also used in AMC cars, like the Gremlin!  Does this make the Gremlin
an American Audi?   %^>


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