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Hi and Thanks!


Maybe I should introduce myself since I just resubscribed to the Quattro
mailing list. As an 87 4000CS Quattro owner I used to be a member but quit
a while back mainly because at that time, the person who run the list refused
to allow the from field to be the original sender...

I have owned my previous Quattro since it was new and it has been an
excellent car. Now, 200K miles later I decided that it was time for a change
and started looking for another . I, in my innocence believed that for
around $25K I would be able to get an Audi A6 Quattro! Well, looking at
Edmunds, that should be possible, right? Starting to look at the dealerships
around Boston, MA it turns out that one, this is the wrong time of the year
for buying Quattro and two, they are priced way up there.
One dealership had no manuals, another one (come on down, we have lot's of
them!) had one 94 100 Quattro with 37K miles on it for $25K and he didn't
want to deal at all..

Started to look at the Boston Globe and this 91 Quattro V8 5 speed caught 
my eye and I went and had a look at it. This car has been written up
extensively at the beginning of last week. I also went to Clair's in Needham
or Deedham or whatever and their paperwork showed 3 manual 94's on the lot, 2
100s and one 90. The sales person couldn't find either of the 100s out on the
lot. Maybe because this was the weekend of the first snow here in Boston.
They wanted $24.6 for the 90 Quattro with 30K miles. I did get talked into 
test drive the 90Q (emerald green with white leather interior) and it's a
VERY nice car but $25K for a three year old car? This was on a Sunday.

Monday the sales person calls me and want me to make an offer. I say 21.5.
She calls me back later and says 22 and I say NO. The Manager calls me back
and talks me up to 21,750 and I tell him that I would think about it. I do
think about it and decide that I can do something else with 10 Grand and buy
the 91 V8 Quattro instead...

Boy, this is a NICE car. Having never owned anything with a big engine in it,
this is FUN. I moved my K40 radar detector over into this car Saturday since
I found myself doing 100+ without noticing...

Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquires last week. It's amazing how
helpful people can be. My summer car is a Miata and I have found a similar
attitude there. Thanks again, especially since I'm about to fire of another
set of questions.   


91 V8 Quattro
87 4000CS Quattro (For Sale)
91 Mazda Miata