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Re: Oil Additives & Changes

>>> IMHO:  Don't waste money on fuel additives,
>                               ~~~~
>That should have said Oil Additives.  Although I still think the Slick 50
fuel injection cleaner succeded in washing crap down from the tank into the
injection system, not out of the injection system...  Anyway, I use fully
leaded environmentally unfriendly high octane only fuel... :)

>>You better read you Audi manual. They say you will need to use fuel
>>there's no way around it.

My manual says nothing about additives of any kind.  (Remember, 1976-82 A100).
>>> it is no substitute to regular
>>> changing of oil, and use of good quality oil.  (I change mine every
>>> 3000miles, with Castrol GTX 10W/50 for the Audi and Rover, Fully Synthetic
>>> for my Turbos) Which oil you use depends on your engine.  For example, I
>>> don't use synthetic in the Audi, as it is too thin for my engine,
>>A 15W50 synthetic oil would not be to thin for any Audi.
>>> and it
>>> would burn it too quickly, and for some strange reason, so does Duckhams
>>> Hypergrade with the same viscosity as the GTX.  (it's an WC that's done
>>I'd say fix the leak then use synthetic oil.
>The engine is of an old design, and does not have the hydraulic lifters
assiciated with later heads.  It does not leak at all.  The valve guides
may be a bit worn, as the only time there is any smoke when not using GTX,
is as sustained high revs.
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