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No Subject

palmerj wrote:
> Well, I have a 1mm chip in my windshield. Ive seen a repair in a mag or
> something that uses a resin or something to fill the chip so its
> invisible.
> Is there a kit available or is this type of repair along the lines of
> the paintless dent removal?
> Im going to the dealer tomorrow for a general fix-it session, so Im
> going to see what they do with glass chips.

There is a kit sold here in the UK that consists of some special glue, and
a syringe type device, which when used to the instructions will fix small
chips, and star cracks in the screen.  I used one of these kits
sucessfully, and if I remember correctly, it was manufactured by a US
company, so you should be able to get it in the US.

It the chip is a crack, then you probably need a specialist to do it.  This
is when they'll need to drill holes along the crack line and inject the
special glue.

Mike Walder.

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