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Re: Prolong Patent and Slick 50


George_Earle@chordiant.com wrote:

Someone was saying that the two products are different and had seen the
patent.  Do you know what the Patent # is?  We could look it up.
Patent #4,844,825 U.S.     1.221.677 Canadian Go to US Patent and Trademark Office Home Page

>From what I remember from the ad, it has ionized particles that will cling
to metal surfaces and that's how it works.  This is similar to what Castrol
is doing with their $4.00 a bottle Syntex, which I also use by the way with

No, I don't sell the stuff.  But believe the chemical engineers have got to
be doing something lately...  :-]

By the way,  Castrol Syntex == Mobil 1.  Mobil has a patent on the
synthetic oil process and everyone seems to be licensing it...must be the
only economical way of making synthetic.

Not! The base stock is not same in all synthetic oils. Mobil is a PAO base. Redline is a polyol esterCastrol is a ester mix.


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