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Re: Prolong Patent and Slick 50

At 08:58 PM 11/22/97 +0000, you wrote:
George_Earle@chordiant.com wrote:
Someone was saying that the two products are different and had seen the
patent. Do you know what the Patent # is? We could look it up.
Patent #4,844,825 U.S. 1.221.677 Canadian Go to <http://www.uspto.gov/>US Patent and Trademark Office Home Page


My son, the patent examiner, would have quite a dialog about the issuance of patents. Essentially all that is required for a patent to be issued is that "new art" (whatever that means) must be claimed and that the same "technology" cannot have already been claimed by someone else. Whether that "new technology" does what it is claimed to do has very little to do with whether or not the patent is issued.

Snake oil is still snake oil. The claims of some sort of magical ionized substance which clings to metal is just so much bull butter. Snake oil is still snake oil. Snake oil by any other name is still snake oil.

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