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Re: Still Q-less.... :-(

> P.S. For those that may have commented that I should do my own work
> (which, IMHO, was an insensitive bit of advice, given the
> circumstances), let it be known that I do... when I can and when I
> have the right equipment. I don't have a spin-balancing/wheel machine
> in my garage (as I wouldn't imagine that most people do, but please
> correct me if I am wrong) .... so, EXCUSE ME..... that's why I brought
> it there in the first place. 

Sorry to hear about all the trouble, but this is precisely why I take
all 4 wheels off my car myself and take them to a shop when I need new
tires or balancing. So far in 17 years of motoring, I have never had a
set of tires correctly inflated or wheels correctly torqued by a tire
shop.  Also, on more than one occasion I have had the floor pan bent
from improper jacking/lifting of the vehicle. Not only can you not trust
them, but you can bet they are going to f**k up your car.