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Re: Calling all 4kq turbo conversions

In a message dated 97-11-23 04:39:35 EST, you write:

<< It took me one weekend!!  You are making it look a lot harder than it 
 really is.  Apart from the intercooler placement it's a straight bolt 
 My car has gone 20,000 since the conversion and I have yet to have 
 any problems with it.  My installation is not a butcher job either.  
 You can ask the mechanics at my local dealership (Pfaff) or even Mike 
 Hopton will tell you that this is not a hard project for people who 
 know they way around tools.The only thing I regret is not doing it long 
 time ago.
 HTH >>

Once again, the MC swap is much more difficult than an early turbo swap, and
you get thrity more horsepower to boot. The wiring alone took me about a week
to figure out, theres about twenty wires you have to connect to the 4kq
harness, more if you want the trip computer to work..