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Re: Exhaust size and free power.

On Sun, 23 Nov 1997, Janet Scruggs wrote: (well, actually, Gross...)

> What you guys are getting perilously close to is called Ejector Theory. 
> diameter.  For an Ejector the gains are greatest when a specific
> relationship between primary stream mass flow and secondary flow area is
> met.  

Also, the additional flow does not come from the primary fluid flow, but 
from the ejector nozzle.   We want to increase the flow of the primary 
fluid (the exhaust gas) so I really don't think ejector theory would 
apply in this case.

	I suggested ejector theory for our HVAC outlets on the Cadillacs, 
but although it offers the promise of increased airflow to the passenger, it 
has a few negative effects on HVAC performance.

> for more information on this topic constitutes sufficient cause for instant
> membership into the Nerd Club.

Ahhh, jeez, now you tell me.   I'm _not_ a nerd, OK?  :-)  Gearhead maybe...

Graydon D. Stuckey