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Re: FS:Hockenheim R's

On Wed, 26 Nov 1997, Scott M. wrote:

> I recently installed a set of the 16 X 7.5 TSW Blade wheels
> (35mm offset) and 205/55X16 tires on my 89 200TQ. Yes, the
> TSW catalog states that these wheels with 35mm offset will
> fit on the '86-'90 5000TQ/200TQ but they state in small
> print that "Body modifications may be necessary on rear
> fenders". I ended up using a baseball bat to pry/roll the
> rear fender lips out by 3/8 inch to get the wheels and
> tires to clear.
> with a 35mm offset have some material (5-7mm) machined off
> the inner hub/wheel mating surface to change the offset to
> something like 40-42mm. This would move the rear wheels
> The Mercedes Wheels use the same 112mm bolt pattern as the
> Audi wheels but use a different hub centric ring and
> different bolt hole diameters. They list wheels in the
> 16X7.5 with offsets between 15-40mm.

BTDT - I have a set of 15x7 BBS wheels that were specced for M-B 
originally.   I used a set of hubcentric spacers, and swapped the wheel 
bolts for studs.   They have a 36mm offset.   Its a little tight in the 
rear without "batting" the fender wells, but that's OK.   I like the 
camber - it handles better that way.

> of doing some machining on these wheels?

I told Brian once, and I'll tell him again - machine the wheels!   They 
are worth it.   They look great, they will fit with only minor machining, 
and for what he'll loose selling them, he could get them machined.   I 
even have a machinist that can do it for him....   Brian?

Graydon D. Stuckey 
out of ideas for a cool .sig file...    sorry.