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Re: Coupe GT Anti-sway bar for rear

I apologize if this is a slightly late response for this string, but such is
the danger of falling behind in the digest. I upgraded the front bar on my A4
to the sport package bar (29.5 mm), up from the stock 26.5 mm(off the top of
my head). I found that on the streets, the car had somewhat less body roll,
and cornered better. On the Autocross circuit I found the it had
significantly increased my understeer. I swapped ends for the first time at
the end of a high speed slalom where the rapid back and forth weight transfer
finally got the better of the car. The car was much easier to control and I
was able to bring the rear around a little for some 4 wheel drifts, rather
than pushing the front end off the course (I even had a spectator ask me how
I managed to spin all four wheels). Overall, my times were significantly
improved and I was running about middle of the pack (in X class) with street
tires (Dunlop D40M2's). I did not notice any two stage behavior from the car,
and the rear bar was stock. If my memory serves me correctly, the sport
package for the A4 retains the rear sway bar unchanged anyway. I would
recommend the swap. 

97 A4q (#2)
96 VW Jetta GLX

"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does"