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re: Subject: '91 200Q Strange Happenings

You wrote:

<<...Remember looking at the tach : 4 - 5K,  boost ~1.3 shouldn't

be a problem,  maybe I really do need to put in the cap and rotor I have

in the trunk (but I'm waiting for new wires to do it all at once).  A

little later on try it again (not while passing, in 4th or 5th gear I

don't remember)  Same result.

So I stopped putting the pedal all the way down the rest of the weekend

and had no more trouble.  Just tried it again yesterday - problem gone!

Can run to redline and max. boost (1.7bar) any gear - no problems.

Suggestions? WOT switch?  The weather was just above freezing and damp.

Later that night we had 6" of heavy wet snow.


 Frank Stadmeyer>>

At WOT in third, passing, you should be seeing 1.7 or 1.8 on the factory
guage.  If not, it's likely a torn "michelin man" hose, or a problem with the
waste gate frequency valve (wgfv).  Check the vacuum hose running to the wgfv
behind the heat shield; it commonly gets burned and leaks.  Also check it on
the other end; it's kind of short and gets kinked as it turns behind the heat

Before you tear things apart, I'd recommend running the error codes (search
the archives for the procedures.  Post the blink code results and we'll look
them up for you).

To check the "michellin man" hose, take it off entirely, as it probably
appears fine, but busts open under the pressure generated with high boost.

It may run fine with lower boost, but in passing in third, you are likely
running max boost.  Were you also going slightly uphill?

If this isn't the problem, it could also be the spark thing, but you are
going to address that anyways with new wires, cap and rotor (pita job!).

What did you purchase for wires?  I'm in the market as well...

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q

If you're still stuck after the thanksgiving holiday, give me a call, as I've
got the bentley and may be able to assist.