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S4 in Automobile

But what's the point?

Probably yet another car we won't get here in the States...

Yes, I'm depressed about that and AoA's policies in general. No TDIs, no A3,
very few S models at all, "no, you can't have that option with the
sunroof/transmission/rear spoiler/<fill-in-the-blank-here>". Personally, I
think they're all morons. According to somebody else up here in the Pacific
NW (posted to the list already?), at least one Audi dealer won't order FWD
A4 models without a customer deposit, yet AoA brings only a FWD A4 to the
Seattle Auto Show! Argh.

There, I feel (a little) better now.
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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:51:36 -0500
From: Paul_Royal@idx.com
Subject: New Automobile Mag. Spread on S4

The issue with the 400+ HP BMW Roadster prototype on the front...flattering
read...nice pic.