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Re: frozen strut nut removal


Ken <kkeith@qnet.com> is looking for:
> advise on getting a rusty, frozen strut nut off of the top of the strut.  
... (on a 4ksq)
> need to save the strut cartridge, BTW, so there won't be any Vice-Grips  
> on the shaft for this one.

Ken, use an air impact wrench.  It'll normally break the nut loose so quickly
that the shaft won't have time to turn.  I do this on motorcycle Konis and
forks all the time and did it to my 86 4ks as recently as yesterday.

If you don't have an impact wrench, most any friendly service shop should
apply an impact wrench for you on the spot.  Then just snug it back down
until you get home to do the work.  I did this several times before buying
the air stuff.

good luck

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