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Re: why can't Audi sell cabrios in CA, MA, CT & NY

>From: Fringe Ryder <fringe@ai.net>

>Washington state has dynos, but extremely lax standards, so they 

The standards really aren't all that lax...they're based on federal IM240
rules that apply just about anywhere except for the California-based
states.  Also, remember that our emissions testing is only in the problem
areas, meaning large metropolitan areas.  And unlike some states where you
get to go to your favorite certified smog inspector, all of our sites are
state run (by a private contractor)

What is (relatively) lax here is the _implementation_  They haven't
installed 4wd/awd dynos (yet).  And we don't have visual inspection
requirements unless you are asking for an exemption, available only for
cars over a certain age and if you've spent a minimum amount of money
attempting to fix it.  

...of course, i don't think they'd ever know the difference between my
car's airbox as delivered and the way it is today :)

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