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Re: why can't Audi sell cabrios in CA, MA, CT & NY

Washington state has dynos, but extremely lax standards, so they don't
matter much.  Quattros and Subys (our two daily-drivers) are exempt from
the dyno, but my FWD Escort had to hop on.

	'97 2.8L A4Q stick.  

Steven Buchholz wrote
># I would guess emmissions (it is a guess <G>), simply because the states you
># listed have the toughest emissions laws of the country, CA obviously being
># the strictest.
>... I believe that you are correct, but IMHO CA is not the strictest any
more.  This may change, but those other states adopted the CA regs
verbatim.  I also 
>know of a number of states that are using chassis dynos for the testing ... 
>that was on the way to adoption here in CA, but popular outcry has stopped
>it for now.  We even got a law passed that exempts older cars (<1974) from 
>smog tests ...