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car magazine on the new s4

You think the S4 will have a different engine, or are you resigned to it
not making it at all?  (Audi's reps at the Seattle auto show, the most
pathetic auto show I've ever been to, told me it won't make it to the USA
due to emissions, but the published rumors are that it will be here in fall

The A6 is incredibly ugly, according to a sampling I took at the auto show
which included my mate.  The rear is very curvy - very Ford-like, not at
all Audi - and generally was not a favorite.  The new wood trim they had on
display looked terrible too.  (Yeah, I know you can CHOOSE which wood you
want, but the demo influences you.  They should have demoed a better wood.)  

The Passat will probably catch on soon.  It is classy looking.  One problem
it has is that it lacks a competitive niche.  It isn't available with
Synchro yet, and it costs more than some faster, equally comfortable 2WD
Japanese sedans built here.  Give it time.

Meanwhile, the A4 is sold mostly in Quattro form, which is a first in
America for Audi.  Perhaps that's one big reason they're so back-ordered.
Most lots here (you know the ones... Barrier, University, and Sunset) have
the FWD units in stock, just not the Quattros.


Eliot Lim wrote:
>just got my issue.  yes, that s4 sounds heavenly, doesn't it, coming real
>close to beating the euro M3 for all out go, even beating it "under real
>world conditions".  if that's the case it would make mincemeat out of the
>US M3.  but..  i'm not hopeful about this car making it here. 
>i'm still seeing A4s fly out of the dealerships here.  one day they
>are unloading a bunch of cars from the truck, next day the owners
>who have waited up to 5 months come by to pick them up.  the new
>passat, surprisingly hasn't caught on fire yet, neither has the new A6..