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Slick 50 & friends

Armstead, Brian wrote:
>>Use Militec-1 for equipment it was DESIGNED for, if you use it at all.
>Fringe:  What do you mean by this?  What's the point of your post?  In my 
>opening sentence it says: "If you are into additives..."  EVERY 
>application listed (except for the sunroof tracks) has documentation to 
>support its use-a/c, industrial, hydraulic, automotive and firearms-with 
>testimonials  So what do you mean by what it's designed for???

So does Slick-50 and Prolong.  Your point?

>Not trying to be a wise guy, but you should read their website to educate 
>yourself about this product.  I think it will help you understand the 
>intent of my original post.

Again,  Slick-50 had a very informative (if false) website with all sorts
of impressive information about all their stuff.  Again, you fail to
distinguish your point.  All you've pointed out is that the military uses
it, which doesn't mean a whit for our applications when you look at the
disparities I pointed out.

I'm not actually attacking you for liking this stuff.  It -might- work.
But... Slick-50 had pretty good sucker-data too, and a nice presentation.
I never used either, and after 109K rough miles, was still at factory spec
in a FORD.  My point is that it doesn't matter if the stuff does any good,
because you don't NEED it.  Oil changes every 3000 will accomplish the same

>Good luck with your Audi if you treat it that way too.

Thanks.  I don't treat it nearly that rough - I still have the Escort for
that - but I have broken a wheel on the Audi already... about five months
into ownership.  The rear license plate frame fell off about 11 months into
ownership.   Barrier had never seen that happen, and were wondering what I
could have done to vibrate it free.  (Evidently it's not bolted in, just
screwed into plastic expanding retainers.)  But it's mostly babied... with
oil changes every 3K.

	'97 A4Q