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Volvo competing with Audi

My 97 2.8L A4Q sedan has a stickshift, and about 60% of the A4s I've seen
up-close have sticks instead of autos.  Car & Driver tested the A4Q Avant
against the Volvo automatic 4WD station-box, and while the Volvo had a
slusher, the A4Q Avant had a stick, I believe.  (This is the newest issue.)

Maybe it's not as dark as it seems.  Besides, will the S4 next year really
come only with a slush?  I hope not.

David Ritter wrote:I think a little healthy competion for Audi is a good
thing, and ovloV
>is a real good place for it.
>Only problem is, that neither of the players think there are any more
>customers in the US looking for a standard transmission.
>(95.5 S-6Avant the only recent exception to this)  
>I guess the American market is really just not worth the time and
>expense to EPA certify the manuals along with the slushboxes. 
>I don't argue with the market, I know the majority will sell as

	'97 2.8L A4Q stick, blk/blk leather.